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Our Story

Welcome to DropPoint, we are a registered community interest company created in April 2017. We want to help provide the public with vital information about places that can accept donations, this will be a database of information for charities and non-profit organisations. DropPoint aims to help charities and non-profit organisations display listings of item(s) that are wanted or needed in their business. This allows groups, registered charities and non-profit organisations to share their information more diversely, in hope that this will encourage people to donate unwanted items and benefit those in greater need. We hope this will encourage people to make ethical decisions, recycle and reuse items instead of throwing them away, creating a diversion of waste from landfill. We are optimistic that this platform will be simple and easy to use. The name DropPoint was founded so that users can find a point of access to deliver donations with flexibility and drop it off. Meet the team behind DropPoint:

Chris - Director

DropPoint launched officially in April, but it really started in October 2016. I had been working in the logistics industry on technology for sending and returning parcels bought online and saw how easy it is to get information and postage labels for getting unwanted purchases back to online retailers. This turned into an obsession finding charities that take item donations and it become obvious there was a lot of them - yet hardly any were common knowledge.

I kept coming across charities that had a wish list of item donations on their websites and social media, but unless you knew of them there was no chance to find this information… wouldn’t it be easier if all charities just used the same platform for this so you could browse a big directory to see who needs what? Better yet, what if this platform told you when, where and how to get it to the charity? And here is where DropPoint was born.

Friends were lured in with few convincing words necessary, and a team was formed. We got together in an office in the Hull Youth Support Trust and plans were put into action

Andrei - Director

Hi i’m Andrei, I’ve been part of the project since the beginning after Chris told me about the idea. I was immediately sold on it and decided to start helping out with the design. I’ve been a UX/UI designer for the past 4 years, mainly designing commercial products. This is a type of product i’ve never done before so i was interested in exploring this opportunity. We’ve started the design based on the user needs thanks to Robbie who has helped me do the user research by finding out what people actually want. It has been a great journey so far and we’ve learned a lot from it but I believe that now the real adventure starts. Looking forward to what lies ahead!

Robbie - Director

Hi I’m Robbie. Developer, researcher & networker I’m involved in all aspects of DropPoint. When Chris first came to me with the idea I had just returned to the UK after travelling and working in Australia, Asia and New Zealand for 3 years. Previous to this I had studied software engineering at university and I was looking to get into something that relates.

My time away made me passionate about the environment especially waste reduction after seeing various exploits across the world. Together with Andrei & Gus we developed DropPoint with the main aim of reducing waste by diverting usable items to the third sector.

Gus - Lead Developer

Robbie told me about the project at a friend's house while we were chatting about programming. I was doing frontend development at at the time, but a few months later I'd left and Chris and Robbie were looking for someone to develop the site, so we met up to discuss the idea and I got on board.

Wedge - Developer

Hey I'm Wedge! I'm Gus' assistant in building and maintaining the website. I was brought on board in the summer of 2017 when Chris got in touch regarding a charity called FWRD that I was helping to run which collects abandoned tents from festivals and redistributes them where they're needed most. Chris heard of us from a hitchhiker that he met while visiting another charity and got in touch to see how we might be able to help each other. He explained DropPoint to me and I thought it sounded like a great idea and was just getting into coding so decided to offer my help in case they needed it - and a few weeks later Gus decided that having an assistant would be good so here I am!

Evy - Online Marketing Executive

Hello there. I’m Evy the newest addition to DropPoint. As a Home Organising Consultant, I was being presented daily with the topic of waste as I helped clients to declutter and organise their homes. I find that empathy and humour are the best tools to positively alter perceptions and create lasting change. I heard about DropPoint through Facebook and thought it was a sorely needed service. I immediately wanted to be involved with the whole campaign and decided to join the team as their Online Marketing Executive and share my knowledge to spread the word about the incredibly valuable work that these guys are doing. I believe that there aren’t many problems that can’t be solved with the right attitude and that is exactly what I hope to bring to the team.