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Inside DropPoint

People we've worked with

In addition to our core mission of reducing waste, DropPoint also works with organisations around the UK in a number of areas.

Creating Software

We've worked with organisations such as Clicksit to develop bespoke software.
"DropPoint did an exceptional job at both scoping and developing a bespoke mapping tool. Using their industry expertise and in house technical capabilities, to see the project through to successful completion. The resulting product has been reliable and scalable. Will use again for any future requirements."
Thomas Hill - Clicksit

Managed Logistics

We've worked with organisations such as Hands on London on bespoke logistics projects.
"DropPoint have managed the vehicle logistics for Wrap Up London for the last two years. Each year they have developed transport plan to service our multiple collection points over a three morning period during peak rush hour in central London. In practice this meant, 12 pickups by 4 vans over 12 hours collecting and dropping off 17,000 coats. Most importantly, every year, they have inspired and empowered the volunteer drivers who have come forward to form the van team on these mornings."
Jon Meech - Hands on London

Can we help?

If you'd like to learn more about any of these activities, feel free to get in touch.

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